"Virta gives me the accountability I need to succeed."

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December 22, 2022
April 26, 2024

By Jeremy. On Virta for 5 months

I have lived with type 2 diabetes for over 20 years. In all that time, I don’t recall ever hearing a doctor tell me that it was a reversible diagnosis or how important nutrition was. Yes, doctors would say that I should “eat to lose weight”. But it was more about eating less, not different. Doctors for the most part don’t do nutrition. The medical solution to type 2 diabetes is largely to prescribe medication and walk away. “See you in three months.” There is no accountability or effort to fix the root problems.

That is where Virta is different. When I first heard of Virta, I was on a different insurance. But I had a front row seat to how effective it was as I watched a colleague shed weight and take their life back. As soon as I could, I switched insurance and applied to Virta.  

Virta reframed the disease for me. The goal with Virta isn’t to medicate the side-effects of type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. Virta uses nutrition and science to go after the root cause of it. It seemed like magic. Once I understood how my body was reacting to the carbs I was eating (which was a lot) it just clicked for me. I learned that it isn’t just about low carbs—it’s about disease management.

I started Virta in July and within only a few months I was off insulin. I watched as my daily blood sugars improved. And yes, I started to see a difference on the scale as well. But here’s the thing: everyone is motivated by something different. For me, weight loss is a nice side effect, but it’s the way I feel that matters most.

Jeremy lost around 40 pounds on Virta and feels great

I have lost around 40 pounds, but on Virta and have a lot more energy. I am sleeping better. I can concentrate more. I just feel better. When I went back to see my doctor after three months, my A1c had dropped from 9.6% to 6.4%. Not only that, my cholesterol has improved. I love to show people my triglyceride numbers (which are much lower) when they argue the risks of a low-carb high-fat lifestyle.

For me, the reason I can do this and will continue to do this is because Virta puts an emphasis on accountability and being present and available—not just once in three months at a 15 minute doctor’s appointment.I know that my Virta health coach is there. I know that when I step on the scale and log my blood sugar and ketones that there is someone looking at that. And I know that when I have a question—even on the weekends—someone is there to help.

If you work for the County and are eligible, take advantage of this amazing benefit.

Maricopa County wouldn’t offer Virta at no cost if they didn’t want you to use it. Even if you have only been diagnosed with prediabetes, don’t wait. Jump on this train. Give Virta a few months to show you how much better life can be.  

I look at how I used to eat—hamburgers with buns that have as much sugar as a piece of cake or an entire loaf of sugary bread that I convinced myself was a healthier sandwich option. It’s no wonder I couldn’t get my diabetes under control. It just took Virta to show me the way. And I am so grateful they did.

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