Continuous, personalized care. Right in your hand.

Virta is a new type of diabetes and weight-loss care that uses nutrition and technology to help you reverse your condition.

Our virtual clinic helps you adopt lifestyle changes to reverse your diagnosis

Provider-led care when and where you need it

Powered by technology, Virta physicians, nurse practitioners, and coaches provide expert medical care via Virta’s custom-designed app and medical records system.
Older man with white hair speaking to a medical provider on a tablet.

A personalized low-carb approach that works

Our personalized approach helps people lose weight while controlling blood sugar with fewer or no medications.

Virta’s care is different

Blood glucose monitor displaying a reading of 90mg/dL.

Everything you need to be successful

We provide comprehensive resources and support to make it easy to adopt our nutritional therapy.
Hand holding a phone of a virtual video call with a woman in a doctor's coat.

Continuous care from clinical experts

Our clinical team explains the why of what we do. We empower you to take control of your health.
Medicine bottle upside down with pills falling out

Reducing the need for medications

We practice lifestyle first, focusing on the root cause. It’s what enables a healthy life without medications.
Top-down display of an egg, steak, and asparagus with a lemon wedge.

Personalized care plans for success

We personalize everything, from nutrition to behavioral advice to medical care, to make success last.
Three plates of Virta-friendly foods with a hand reaching out with a fork to one of the plates.

Why Virta’s Nutrition Therapy Works

Virta helps you use fat instead of carbohydrates as your main fuel source. This helps you lose weight and control blood sugar, without needing medication.

We address the root cause

Nutrition can address insulin resistance, the root of chronic high blood sugar, without the need for medications.

Our approach is designed for sustainability

We don’t require surgery or ask people to feel hungry. Our approach, carbohydrate restriction, helps people control blood sugar and lose weight naturally while eating to satisfaction.

Virta nutritional therapy centers on you

Other approaches ignore how needs vary from person to person. Virta’s science-based approach works because we account for tastes, lifestyle, food restrictions, and health.

Technology powered.
Human delivered.

We call it continuous remote care. For members, they just know that this is how diabetes and weight-loss care should be.
Remote medical care concept of male doctor giving blood glucose reading through a video call on a laptop.

Care is with you everywhere you go

No waiting. No trips to the doctor’s office. Using the Virta app, your care team is a click away, wherever you need them.

An app experience designed for ease

We’ve made our app easy to use, so you can focus on the important stuff—achieving your health goals.

Proactive care, so you don’t have to worry

Our technology alerts our clinical team to reach out to provide support, so your journey isn’t all on you. We have your back, through it all.

Virta members achieve life-altering health improvement¹

HbA1c Reduction

Blood sugar improvement occurs simultaneously with medication elimination

Average Weight Lost

31 lbs
Personalized lifestyle changes help members lose weight while feeling healthier and energized

Medication Reduction

Fewer diabetes medications is a game-changer, inspiring members to re-imagine their future

Real-world results, backed by research

From real-world evidence to our landmark clinical trial—the largest type 2 diabetes reversal study—science and evidence is at the heart of everything we do.
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Linda, Virta Member

Linda lost 65 pounds and celebrated new victories

“For decades, I had tried everything to lose weight. Bariatric surgery was next—I had even signed up for the procedure. Then I found out about Virta. Since then, I’ve lost 65 pounds, while reducing my medications. I can finally fit comfortably behind the steering wheel in my car and put the tray table down on an airplane. It feels like a miracle.”
Dan, Virta Member

Dan is thriving after seeing results he didn't think were possible

“I lost 30 pounds on Ozempic, yet I still couldn’t get my blood sugar under control. And I hated the injections. Since starting Virta, I’ve lost 110 pounds and reversed my diabetes, while eliminating Ozempic and several other diabetes medications. Plus, I’m walking 8-10 miles per day. These are results like I’ve never seen before, and never thought I would.”
Sheila, Virta Member

Sheila reversed her condition and regained her energy

“I’m half Puero Rican, half Barbadian, and diabetes has run rampant in my family and my community for generations—resulting in amputations and even death for several of my closest family members. Through Virta, I’ve now reversed my diabetes, lost over 20 pounds, and regained my energy. The diabetes epidemic in my family stops with me.”
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