Diabetes Reversal Leader Virta Health Earns Validation Institute’s Highest Ranking for Delivering Industry-Leading Prescription Drug Savings

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April 4, 2022
April 26, 2024

Analysis finds that Virta’s diabetes reversal treatment drives estimated medication cost savings of nearly $6k per patient over two years

SAN FRANCISCO (APRIL 4, 2022)—Virta Health, the leader in type 2 diabetes reversal, earned the Validation Institute’s most prominent, Level 1 savings validation for delivering unmatched medication cost reductions. Per the analysis, Virta’s validated prescription drug savings amounted to nearly $6k per patient over a two-year period. 

This validation follows similar findings from a claims-based analysis—with methodology verified by an independent actuarial firm—that showed $10k savings per patient over two years. That report analyzed healthcare utilization in addition to prescription medications. Further, Virta previously received the Validation Institute’s Level 2 certification verifying Virta's transformative impact on blood sugar control and weight loss, making it the only vendor in its category to achieve both a cost savings and a health outcomes validation.

Combined, these studies reaffirm Virta’s leadership in delivering evidence-based clinical and financial performance.

"In a crowded marketplace, Virta’s innovative diabetes reversal treatment stands out for its proven impact on health outcomes and for driving significant cost savings," said Benny DiCecca, CEO & President, Validation Institute.

Finding solutions to the diabetes epidemic has never been more critical. The prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes continues to rise, and diabetes-related deaths surged during the pandemic. Meanwhile, payers struggle to manage skyrocketing employee medical costs and insulin prices, while navigating an explosion of digital health vendors with unproven ROI. 

Virta offers a clinically and financially validated approach to this crisis. Unlike diabetes management solutions that prioritize medication adherence, Virta’s approach helps patients achieve normal blood sugar while reducing or eliminating diabetes drugs. In Virta’s peer-reviewed evidence, among completing patients at one year, 63% of all diabetes-specific prescriptions are eliminated, and 94% of those using insulin decrease or eliminate their dosage. Patients also see significant improvement in markers of cardiovascular disease and inflammation, and weight loss more than double the FDA benchmark for weight-loss drugs.

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