The Western Health Advantage team

Meet the leaders behind the heroic effort to reverse diabetes at WHA

Dr. Khuram Arif, MD, MBA, CPE, Chief Medical Officer
A board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Khuram Arif practiced for 19 years. Dr. Arif spent a decade in physician leadership helping doctors transition from volume to value based care.  

Blaire Richardson, MHA, Corporate Quality Director
Blaire has spent over 15 years at WHA, and currently, oversees Quality, Accreditation, Population Health Management, Credentialing, Potential Quality Issues and Health Equity.

Amanada Adams, MBA, Population Health Manager
Amanada is currently leading population health initiatives at WHA. In May 2020, she completed her MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Analytics. She loves blending two things she loves into one career: data and driving positive change. 

"It's unheard of that patients can actually discontinue or stop their diabetes medications. Virta saves our patients copays, gives their quality of life back, and most importantly, give them hope that diabetes is not a life sentence. I would tell my fellow health plan leaders, you never know something till you actually try it. This is the one thing where it's worth taking the risk and trying."
The Western Health Advantage team

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The Western Health Advantage team

Tell us about yourself. What energizes you most about your job?

What is your advice to other health plan leaders on reversing diabetes?

What convinced you to go with Virta?

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What have your members said about Virta?

What is your point of view on the economic value of Virta?

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