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Weight loss results that last

Navigating type 2 diabetes and obesity in the world of GLP-1s

Weight loss medication use and costs are skyrocketing. Virta can help.

GLP-1 use, both on- and off-label, has led to surging Rx costs for payers, and even medication shortages for people who truly need them.

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GLP-1s are effective but expensive and still require lifestyle changes

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Traditional diet and exercise programs are unsuccessful in helping maintain weight loss

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Costs are rising 2-4x for GLP-1 drug class alone

A better way to navigate GLP-1 costs and utilization

Current GLP-1 strategies fall into three categories: easy access, gatekeeper with prior authorization and step therapy, and combo therapy with traditional diet and exercise.

Virta offers new options to manage GLP-1 utilization while protecting access for those who need it.

Virta offers a better way to control GLP-1 costs:
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An alternative to GLP-1s

Comparable weight loss to GLP-1s without expensive drugs or regular injections

A sustainable GLP-1 offramp

Deprescribe GLP-1s while helping members retain weight loss

Comparable weight loss to GLP-1s at a fraction of the cost

Virta is a leading virtual clinic that reverses type 2 diabetes, obesity, and prediabetes. Our members lose weight—while reducing dependence on GLP-1s and other medications—and experience long-lasting results at a fraction of the cost of pharmaceutical or surgical treatments.

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Average Weight Loss

A proven approach for deprescribing GLP-1s

Virta aims to deprescribe diabetes and obesity medications (including GLP-1s) for everyone in whom it is safe to do so

  1. Health coaches support members in making nutritional changes.
  2. Members lose weight and feel better. 
  3. Virta providers deprescribe GLP-1s and other medications based on rigorous clinical protocols. 
  4. Members sustain weight loss progress.
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Read THE 2023 report

4 in 5 executives are significantly concerned about GLP-1 growth

Find out why Chief Medical Officers, Chief Pharmacy Officers and actuarial leaders are significantly concerned about GLP-1 utilization and cost growth and why they expect this crisis to last the rest of the decade.

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Cover image of Virta report: How Health Plan Leaders are Handling the GLP-1 Cost Crisis

Life-changing weight loss that lasts

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Dan lost 110 pounds and changed his attitude

“The Ozempic helped, but there is no magic bullet out there. I needed to change my diet. The energy level I have now is amazing, I’m walking 6-8 miles a day. My attitude is way better too. I didn’t care about a lot of things before, but now I do.”

Benefits leader Sheri knows Virta works first hand

“Within the first three months on Virta, all my numbers had come down and I lost 60 pounds! I can play with my grandkids now and get back up again without pain. It is incredible.“

DeShawn is breaking his family history of diabetes

“Since being on Virta, my blood sugars are so much better, and it’s all from just adjusting what I eat. I’ve also lost about 30 pounds, and I never had to go hungry in order to lose them. I actually love what I get to eat.“

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