Rediscover your spark

Reverse type 2 diabetes, lose weight sustainably, and take back your life.
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A life-changing approach to type 2 diabetes and sustainable weight loss

Reverse and prevent type 2 diabetes. Get off medications. Lose unwanted weight. Virta helps you get healthy and recapture the life you deserve.

Results you can see and feel

Virta’s evidence-based approach can help you lose weight, lower blood sugar, and reduce medications—and make it last¹

A1c Reduction

Blood sugar improvement occurs simultaneously with medication elimination

Weight Loss

31 lbs
Personalized lifestyle changes help members lose weight while feeling healthier and energized

Medication Elimination

Fewer diabetes medications is a game-changer, inspiring members to re-imagine their future

Reversal, designed to meet you at your diagnosis.

Reverse type 2 diabetes

Lower your blood sugar to sub-diabetic levels while reducing your prescriptions.

Reverse prediabetes

Stop prediabetes in its tracks. Lose weight and prevent rising blood sugar with fewer medications.

Lose weight sustainably

No counting calories. Personalized nutrition with medical and coach support keeps you on track.

Type 2 diabetes and weight-loss care reimagined

Our approach creates lasting transformation. We tailor our nutrition therapy and support for those living with type 2 diabetes and related conditions.
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Nutritional therapy designed for your lifestyle

Together, we develop a personalized nutrition plan that meets your personal carbohydrate tolerance and encourages healthy habits, so you lose weight and reduce your blood sugar.
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Expert care when and where you need it in the palm of your hand

You have access to dedicated care teams and customized resources, providing guidance and support via our easy-to-use app.
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Hand holding a phone of a virtual video call with a woman in a doctor's coat.

Our members are doing things they didn’t think were possible

Kevin, Virta patient

Kevin regained his energy while eliminating insulin and saving $500/month

"I feel the best I've felt in 15 years. I'm able to focus more. I am a better employee, simply because I have better health. It's given me back a quality of life that I never thought I would be able to enjoy again."
Kristina, Virta Member

Kristina rediscovered her potential through better health

"In just a few months, my A1c came down to a controlled level of 5.5% and I lost 65 pounds. My cholesterol levels improved, and my BMI is in the normal range — something that I haven't seen since I was a teenager. I am the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been."

Donnie reduced his medications in a matter of weeks

"I started with an A1c of around 11% with medications, and my latest results from last week showed that it had come down to around 6%, just 10 weeks of being on Virta. When I saw that number, I honestly could not believe it, especially since Virta has also helped me cut down on the number of diabetes prescriptions I needed."

Transform your organization’s approach to diabetes and weight loss

We partner with forward-thinking employers and health plans to create a new standard of metabolic care in their organizations.
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  1. Hallberg SJ et al. Diabetes Ther. 2018; 9(2): 583-612. Outcomes among one year completers. Medication reduction refers to the percent of total diabetes prescriptions eliminated, excluding metformin