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Virta Health’s Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Treatment Now Available to Blue Shield of California Members

September 9, 2019
February 28, 2022

Approximately four million people in California are living with type 2 diabetes (T2D), and an additional 11 million people have prediabetes. To put these figures in perspective, the combined total is more than the entire populations of 46 U.S. states.

So, to have a significant impact on T2D in the U.S., we need to look no further than Virta’s home state. With that in mind, Virta is thrilled to bring our treatment for type 2 diabetes reversal to eligible Blue Shield of California members. Virta is available through the nonprofit health plan’s newly re-launched Wellvolution digital therapeutics and community health network, which was developed by Solera Health.

For patients, this means they have access to diabetes reversal at no cost.* People living with type 2 diabetes will have access to the Virta Treatment, with the aim of restoring their metabolic health while reducing dependency on prescription medications.

We are honored and excited to serve Blue Shield of California members, and believe this is potential good news for the state economy, too. Diabetes and prediabetes in California create $40B in direct and indirect medical costs according to the American Diabetes Association. Put simply, this is an important opportunity to change the state's type 2 diabetes trajectory.

Successful Virta patients across the country, like Marcie, Bill, and Kevin, are a few among the thousands that are showing us what is possible. Their personal stories are reflective of the evidence-based approach we have taken in our clinical trial.

Earlier this year, we announced peer-reviewed outcomes that showed the Virta Treatment removed 67% of all diabetes medications at two years across the population, while seeing an average decrease of 0.9 in HbA1c. During that same time span, insulin doses among patients decreased on average by 81%.

The average daily insulin dosage for Virta patients began at 81.9 units/day at baseline and dropped to 15.5 units/day at two years.

These results present a welcome change for patient and payer, as the average cost of someone living with type 2 diabetes is more than $16,000 per year, and significantly more for people with uncontrolled T2D. In an era where the unsustainable insulin prices continue to make headlines, we’re showing there is a promising and real alternative—remove the need for insulin altogether.

And, because Virta charges only for patients who are successful in reaching diabetes reversal metrics, organizations like Blue Shield of California can bring the Virta Treatment to those eligible among its millions of members nearly risk-free.

We are as appreciative as ever for the opportunity to serve Blue Shield of California’s members, and are looking forward to the many heartwarming reversal stories to come!

* Virta is available through Wellvolution, Blue Shield of California’s new digital benefits platform which allows their members to holistically manage their health at no additional cost. To learn more and see if you are eligible, visit

Several employers and health plans already cover the full cost of Virta, and we are working with many more to ensure coverage for all. If you are unsure about your coverage, submit an application to find out more.

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